Doggie Day Care

Would you like your dog socialized on a daily basis but can't spare the time due to your work schedule? For the same price you'd pay for a 30 minute walk, you can keep your furry friend entertained with 12 hours of doggie day care. Doggie day care at Club Pooche offers a wonderful way to alleviate boredom while giving your dog the socialization they need.

Dog Boarding

Club Pooche's Dog Boarding Services offers your pet a safe, clean and climate controlled environment where each guest has their own private villa, bed and blanket for maximum comfort. It's their home away from home, complete with flat screen TV's broadcasting Animal Planet and educational videos. Our guests can also listen to the music of their choice and enjoy their own special diet.

Dog Training

Club Pooche is pleased to announce the K-9 Connection, our sister company, for all your dog training needs. When you learn how to Speak Woof, you will understand what canine behavior teaches us and you will be able to communicate with dogs in a language they understand. When knowledge of behavior and effective communication are coupled with continuity, consistency & dependability, trust begins and consequently, good manners develop.

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  • Unique – In 2008, Howard County granted Club Pooche a variance to its laws governing dog day care and dog boarding facilities. Allowing us to offer your furry friends BOTH indoor AND outdoor play areas where they can flourish.
  • Space – Club Pooche’s 6,000 sq. ft., secure indoor/outdoor facility assures that your dog isn’t cooped up all day. It gives your furry friends a safe place to romp and play.
  • Vision – Our attention to detail has made Club Pooche the leader in doggie day care and doggie boarding. Cleanliness, proper ventilation, and safety are key to your furry friend’s happiness and health. There is no other facility like ours.
  • Value – For the same price you’d pay for a 30 minute dog walk you can keep your furry friend entertained with 12 hours of day care. Club Pooche offers a variety of money saving doggie day care packages. Our fully staffed overnight accommodations assure your furry friend is never alone.
  • Safety – Club Pooche thoroughly screens all dogs (day care and boarding) to make sure they’ll fit in with our pack. Evaluating a dog’s temperament and health are important to assuring everyone’s safety.
  • Convenience – Club Pooche is located near several major highways (29, 108, 104, 103, 100). Best of all, pull right up out front and we’ll meet you at the door.
  • Transparency – Club Pooche knows that facilities with nothing to hide…hide nothing. We don’t just whisk your dog off to some back room, we want you to see what we do and where we do it. Both you AND your furry friend are important to us.
  • Commitment – Our staff is made up of expert, mature, loving, and trustworthy professionals who have high standards. All of Club Pooche’s employees play an important role in keeping your furry friend safe and happy.
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Trained and Certified By the Best in the Industry.

Owner, Elisa J. Kamens, is certified from the Ohio State Board of Colleges as a Professional Dog Trainer. She obtained her CPT certification after attending the renowned National K-9 School for Dog Trainers in Columbus, Ohio.Elisa continues to participate in advanced education with other canine care professionals.

doggie daycare columbia md
Hours & Information
Monday – Friday: 7:00am to 7:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed – Open for Boarding Only
Phone: 410-730-BARK (2275)
Address: 9147 Red Branch Road
Columbia, Maryland 21045


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