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Heartworm and Your Dog

Heartworm is a scary and potentially fatal disease. Taking it seriously is vital to your dog’s health. Just about every pet parent knows that heartworm

Essential Oils for Dogs

Essential oils are the aromatic and volatile liquids that are distilled from certain aromatic plants. Only about 1% of all plants are classified as aromatic.

Tick Season

It’s Tick Season! As temperatures start to warm up in April and May so does the concern for ticks. Anytime it is above freezing, ticks

February is Dental Health Month

I’m sure you’ve heard plenty of messages about how important it is to brush your dog’s teeth and schedule regular cleanings. This month, I’d like

Holiday Stress and your Dog

The holidays are a busy time of year at most households. It can also be a bit stressful for both you and your dog. Usual