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Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Does your dog go a little too crazy when you are away? It could be a sign of separation anxiety. We all want our dogs

Our First Puppy Bowl

Our first Puppy Bowl was a huge success! No matter what team you or our dogs root for, we all came together for a great

Club Pooche - Ticks and fleas

Ticks, Fleas, and…

Ticks and fleas – Oh, My!  Just the thought is enough to send shivers down your spine! Did you know that there are over 2,200

dog, extreme temperatures

Warning: Extreme temperatures ahead…

Whether through sudden and unpredictable freezes or the hazy days of summer, extreme temperatures can certainly be trying times for pets. Many pet owners understand

Older Dog

Swinging Senior Dogs

Some of us know what it means to be getting older, a little more creaky in the joints, or slower in our gait, but when